Make for the present.
Sustain the future.
This is CD Studio.

Fast fashion is out, sustainability is in.

Origin Story

CD Studio was born in response to the increased urgency presented by consumers to align their wardrobe choices with their personal values. It became clear that the fashion industry needs to evolve to fit a hybrid lifestyle built for versatility, and champion ethics without compromising aesthetics. No matter where one is on their eco-journey, there is room to progress and nurture style in a sustainable way. Our collections are modern, bypassing trend cycles, and built to provide a foundational wardrobe for years to come.

Spring 2022

Why We Exist

Conscious Design Studio is an elevated, luxe, and global apparel brand that exists at the intersection of innovative fashion, culture, and tech. As creators and experts with a focused knowledge of sustainability in fashion, our strategy was born by identifying the void in the market for a functional and holistic approach to manufacturing and design.

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We Are Inclusive

CD Studio is made for the sustainable-curious; those who know they could be making ample strides to be more eco-conscious, but don’t want to be talked down to in the process. The sustainable fashion realm can seem daunting, but we as a brand are here to bridge the gap through education and transparency.

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